Since its establishment in 2009, KEVIN SEAH BESPOKE has built a reputation as the premier modern tailor and luxury men’s outfitter in Singapore. Forbes calls Seah “The top Singaporean tailor”, while The Rake magazine Japan recently wrote, “Respected as the pioneering tailor… Kevin Seah is the one who built the classic (menswear) scene in Singapore.”
Branching out beyond bespoke and classic tailoring, Seah now launches KEVIN SEAH BLACK — a new, more fashion-forward range of ready-to-wear garments, combining a streetwear sensibility with influences from military garments, colonial style, clubland, angular Japanese fashion and the worlds of modern art, graffiti, skateboarding and surf culture.
Rendered primarily in a palette of black, white and military olive / camo, with strategic ‘pops’ of primary colour, KEVIN SEAH BLACK presents an ongoing, non-seasonal selection of limited-edition garments for men and women. Produced in deliberately small quantities to ensure exclusivity, these ready-to-wear clothes are crafted with much the same perfectionism and handcrafted detailing that characterizes Seah’s tailoring. Like his bespoke garments, they are designed to meet the needs of a tropical dweller, allowing the wearer to remain chic even in the ‘perpetual summer’ of Southeast Asia.
Made proudly here in Singapore.